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Yahel "Last man in the Universe"'Use the last best hope in, the universe, peace'
'... why things happen the way they do, sometimes we just have to accept it...'
Younger Brother "Evil and Harm"'I assure you that with the help of God I will make war on you in every place and in every way that I can, and I will subject you to the yoke and obedience of the church, and I will take your persons and your women and your children, and I will make them slaves. And I will do you all the evils and harms which I can!'
Rodrigo de Bastidas, 1525
Zodiac Youth "Atoms"' There's more space between atoms than there are atoms in the universe'
'I've never seen anything as beautiful in my life '
'Reality does not exist.'
Zodiac Youth "Devil's Circus"'I don't feel pure, I don't feel reborn again...Who am I!!!'
'This ain't the devil's circus'
Zodiac Youth "Fast Forward the Furure"'It was summer, and the butterflies were on wing. I noticed an eagle in the sky, I watched it. It spiraled around, and landed on a tree. Soon then I found myself, at the top of a mountain... higher... higher... fast forward the future'
'And you wonnt need people teeling you that you are crazy.'
Zodiac Youth "Mr. Redeemer"'Mr. Redeemer, I'm sending you to an absolum asylum for psychiatric report, if you can convince the doctors that you actualy are worth justification and that you are not an insane fiction of someones bad imagination, you will recive a fair trail.'
Escape From Absalom
Z to A "Next Stop Oblivion"'What is it all about? Sometimes, you just can't get it right. Expectations. I used to be indecisive. Playing mindgames with myself. Just searching for my feelings. I don't like uncomfortable silences. I'm fed up with waiting for something to happen. You go from place to place not knowing. I have visions of disbelief. Dreaming with my eyes wide open. The mind tries to resist. Into the system! Satisfaction. Anxiety. Disengaged. Next Stop, Oblivion. I feel perfectly calm. Relaxed, peaceful. At ease with myself...'
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