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X Dream "Create own happiness"'We created own society. That's right! We created own happiness!'
X Dream "Out of Your Control"'It slips out of your control - or what you think is your control.'
Из фильма 'Conversations With Mad Women'
X Dream "Radio"'Think of having like (all ...) a radio station inside your - or several radio stations - inside your head.'
Из фильма 'Conversations With Mad Women'
X Dream "Telegram"'Things are moving so fast in my head that i'm starting to edit, like a telegram.'
XIS "Masquerade"'You can help me save the Earth of a terrible experience.'
Xenomorph "Abominations"'The tree shall be thorn in half, the bird shall be severd from the sky, the water shall turn red as death, the maggot shall seek the light, then within the heart of each, lies an icon of our destruction'
'Save your prayers, God is not here with us now, there is only the darkness here, and your death'
'The stygian world yawning blackly beyond. Trents eyes refused to close, he did not shriek, but the hideous unholy abominations shrieked for him, as in the same second he saw them spill and tumble upwards out of an enormous carrion black pit, choked with the gleaming white bones of countless unhallowed centuries. Trent turned back from the rip as the army of unspeakable figures, toiled by the glow of the bottomless pit, came pouring at him - towards our world.'
Первая фраза - из фильма Warlock 2, вторая - из романа Sutter Cane 'In The Mouth Of Madness'
Xenomorph "Apocalyptic Ritual"'I think the world will end in 1999.'
Xenomorph "Cassandras Nightmare"'There is substitute for the agony of war, the self inflicted agony we call the Cassandra complex, Cassandra, as great legends recall was contempt to know the future, but to be disbelieved when she told it, hence the agony for knowledge combined with .... to do anything about it.'
Из фильма 12 Monkeys
Xenomorph "Neurotoxin"''These pictures were taken over a period of 8 hours, normal healthy kidney cells before they meet the virus. In the space of an hour a single virus has invaded, multiplied, and killed the cells, in just over two hours, its offspring have invaded nearby cells here and here, continually multiplying.... Jesus christ, five hours, it infects the cell, replicates and kills this fast, these numbers cant be right, Ebola takes days to do this damage. Sirs, the number are correct, I wish to god they weren't. One goes in, millions come out, every cell is dead. Now we see them individually, searching for the next victim.till there's nothing left to kill.'
Из фильма Outbreak
Xenomorph "Obscure Spectre"We used to have seances right in this room, the visiting mediums all agree. There was something extraordinary about this desert valley. Few of the mediums ever returned, except one - a satanist. He was irregular. It was his belief that the house itself had assumed a demonic character.'
'There is definitely something in these ...'
'Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, give us our trespasses'
Xerox and Illumination "Temporary Insanity"'He's loosing his mind and feels it going'
LSD 25
Xerox and Freeman "Are We Happy?"'The question I'm asking is this, are we happier? Is the human race.. Is the world fundamentaly better place, because of science and technology?'
'You tell me, what is more likely here? That a message from aliens results in a magical machine that whisks you away to the center of the galaxy to go windsurfing with dear old dad, then minutes later returns you home, and all without a single shred of...'
Xerox and Freeman "Virus Hunter"'Im simply trying to gather information, to help the people in the present trace the path of the virus'
Из фильма 12 Monkeys
Xerox and Psycraft "Adrenaline Rush"'There's no way I can factor that, I can't even start a 5 6 7...its astronomical!'
Из фильма The Cube
Xerox "In My Brain"'Whatever door you opened in my brain...I want you to shut it... now!!!'
Xerox "Tune In"'And there was darkness and then came the stranges, they was from place old as time itself. They have mastered the ultimate ...the ability to alter physical reality using the will alone. We call this ability 'tuning'.
Из фильма 'Dark City'
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