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Talamasca "Alien Tribe"'Just a minute ladies and gentlemen, I think something is happening'
'Do you think they come from Mars?'
'The human being, cannot breathe or survive for long' 'I was hoping that you might be one of them.'
Talamasca "Come On"'What's wrong with me?'
'Why do I see things?'
'Why am I so different?'
'Come On!'
Talamasca "Speaking Robot"'I believe that my work on mapping the impulse pathways in a single neuron can enable us to construct a Mecha of a qualitatively different order.... Answering toy ... With intelligent behavioral circuits using neuronal sequencing technology as old as I am'
Talamasca "Time Simulation"'I tell you, they should make computer simulations of the kind that can predict what these new instruments can say. We've discovered the secret of the present.'
Talamasca "The 5th revelation"' activate self destruct..!'
Talamasca "Thief"'In the nearby rooms I will instruct you in the various skills you will need.'
'That's not for you.'
Talamasca "Triballistic"'There seems to be a certain side effect to the transformation process itself. We see in a few cases a massive info trip, and in a few cases we have, the info light material drives the outflow and a little bit fall under the star.'
Tandu "New Aura"'Its an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.'
'If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.'
'Trust your feelings.'
Tandu "The System"'The system has been successfully used, but people in other parts of the world need to know about the system. In many places people suffering tuberculosis take drugs for a short time. The drugs are not taken long enough.'
Technossomy "V.T.O.L (Full Length)"'We hear it, but we definitely don't see it.'
'Jesus Christ! That thing is full of static electricity!'
'Well, well, kiddies! Hard at work.'
The Auranaut "Groove On Dream Off"'..into the light of tommorow land, magical miracles of magic ...'
The Delta "As a Child I could Walk on the Ceiling"'As a child, i could walk on the ceiling. I'd butterfly up on the walls.'
The Infinity Project "Alien Airport"'Do we really want to know about the future?'
The Infinity Project "Another Planet"'Actually, we're very curious where it is you come from.'
'From another planet.'
The Infinity Project "Binary Neuronaut"'Mind over matter, mind over energy.'
'Entering atmosphere.'
'And you see its colors much more brightly'
The Infinity Project "Cybertropic"'This looks like a psychotropic reaction!'
'No wonder it's so popular.'
The Infinity Project "Freedom from the Flesh"'Free'
'Freedom from the flesh.'
The Infinity Project "Hyperspaced"'Yes, the world at large is fascinated with so called flying saucers. However, they do not fly, they oscilate in between dimensions.'
'Do you belive these come from outer space?'
The Infinity Project "Noises from the Darkness"'Yes, there was a sound. There were noises coming from the darkness. Strange, like a whisper.'
The Infinity Project "Oscilator"'Rivers and lakes and flowers, all soft of shapes and smells and colours.'
The Infinity Project "Overwind"'Oscillating at ten times a second'
The Infinity Project "Phosphorescence"'We can say that the highest common factor in all these experiences is the experience of light. Now, the light-experience is of several kinds. There is the experience which is recorded in a great deal of the literature, of what we could call undifferentiated light, just an enormous burst of light, unembodied in any particular form, just a great flood of light. I think it would be true to say that this experience of the undifferentiated light is generally associated with what may be called a full-blown theophany or a full-blown mystical experience.'
'Bathed with an intensity of light'
'For example, the experience will very often begin with a vision of what we call living geometries, geometrical forms brilliantly lighted, continuously changing, modulating into some kind of geometrical object, such as...'
The Infinity Project "Stimuli"'7am. As the day begins, the drug is inhaled to introduce the strange language of the initiation rites.'
'The neutrons do it to the electrons do it to the electrons.... Neutrons do it to the electrons... The electrons do it to the neutrons'
'From the gravitation of this world, into the world of the spirits.'
The Infinity Project "Telepathy"'Are you aware of life on another planet?'
'Then let me put it this way it is possible that life exists elsewhere, isn't it?'
'I believe beings are using that frequency.'
'Communicate telepathically.'
The Infinity Project "The Answer"'You can have anything you want in the whole universe.'
'No one saw it's approach, a small point of light lost in the blair of the morning sun. It had been drifting for centuries with the inner solar system, like an iceberg in the ocean of inter-planetary space '
'This is the age of planetary exploration, when our ships has began to sail the heavens'
The Infinity Project "The World of the Acid Dealer"'The moment one entered this world of the acid dealer, there was no sense.'
The Infinity Project "Uforcia"' .. i was flying, very slowly flying, high in the sky.'
The Infinity Project "Wow"'Gotta hot date with a three stage rocket'
'Wow, I went out of my body completly, it was an incredible experience.'
Из фильма Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers
The Moon and the Sun "Satelite"'Journey into the Sun.'
The Nommos "Po Tolo"'We have watched the skies and waited.'
Total Eclipse "A little bit of heaven"' We must be in heaven man!'
'There is always a little bit of heaven in the disaster area.'
Запись объявлений со сцены на фестивале Woodstock в 1969 году
Total Eclipse "Free Lemonade"'In future be more careful from who you accept free lemonade.'
Total Eclipse "Transparent Mind"' ... paranoia. If your mind is open and transparent, then nobody has to be afraid of you, and you dont have to be afraid of yourself.'
Total Eclipse "Waiting for a New Life"'Waiting for a new life to come.'
'If I could discover just one of these things, what eternity is for example. I wouldn't care if they did think I was crazy '
Из фильма Frankenstein (1931)
Transdriver "Underground Sex"''We can not be successful'
Transdriver "Fear from the point of view of Dr.Gonzo"'Кто это?'
'Черт, это же я!'
'Ко мне стучат'
'Боюсь, это место меня угнетает. Кажется, я дошел до страха. Чушь! Мы нащупали главный нерв. Оттого и страшно...'
'Кажется, я...'
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (dubbed)
Transdriver "Когда же будет КПР?"'Просто, этот КПР будет таким... да, вот, как бы, реально, вот?
Таким да вот...
В то же время... я вот чувствую, прямо вот, знаете, такие тычки... блин, ну когда же будет КПР?
Секундочку! Щас все найдем! Все разрулим...
Процесс идет щас. Сегодня, сейчас...
Ожиданий не обманем, ваще никак!
Все ждут его...'
DJ Incognito из программы Элементы (но, по утверждению самого Инкогнито, Трансдрайвер сказал ему, что это "взято из интернета")
Transdriver "Музыки нет вообще"'Мы почувствовали ритмическую музыкальную закономерность, звуковую среду, музыкальную структуру, где музыки нет вообще!'
'Музыки нет вообще!'
Transdriver "Небо Упало"'На меня сегодня сверху падал купол голубого неба. Небо, которым накрыло.'
Transdriver "Общелкунчик (The Nutcracker)"'Happy new year! Happy happy happy...'
Transdriver "Покорители космоса"'Космическое Пространство!'
'Успехи в космосе - это прежде всего победа нашего марксистско-ленинского (...), победа материалистического взгляда на природу.'
2я фраза - из речи Ю.Гагарина
Transdriver "Увидеть солнце"'Я в этот мир пришел увидеть Солнце...'
Tristan "Small paper squares"'These are small paper squares, quarter of an inch from a side, and the've been impregnated with LSD'
'LSD doesn't fry your brain, it expands the mind.'
Twisted Travellers "Strange Creatures"'I walk trought a land of strange creatures.'
'Looks like I've landed on a moon.'
'Now, the expected reaction to all this might be shock or suprise.'
Twisted Travellers "Twisted Travelling"... loose awareness of where they are and what's happening to them.'
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