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Parasense "Element"'Они взяли таблетки?'
'Нет, не взяли, я свистнул их из сумки.'
Parasense "Дрель"'Что же мне делать нахуй ебеныть?'
Момедов - Наоборот
Parasense "Рубль упал"'А ещё за мной пасут менты!'
Parasense "Baldin"'Самый лучший, самый вкусный и полезный препарат.
Для мальчишек и девчонок и вообще для всех ребят.
Запакуем, распакуем и доставим в миг один.
Наши гадкие таблетки под названием "балдин"'
Penta "Every Machine"'- Where are we?
- On an alien planet.
- How is that possible?
- I'm not entirely sure...
- You seem pretty calm...
- I've been having this dream every night for months...
- Dream?...
- Well, whatever it is.'
'You're really here, aren't you?'
What's happening to me?'
Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
Phoenix "Heaven & Hell"'I am the god!'
Phoenix "Into the Dessert"'This is a dream. Quite relaxed.'
Phreaky "The Second Moon"'The second moon'
'A storm is coming - our storm. And when it arrives, it will shake the universe.'
'Personal experience'
Из фильма Dune
Pleiadians "Zeta Reticuli"'Music is voices all around us.'
Power Source "Goaway"'Music is diffrent here, the vibration is diffrent, not like planet Earth.'
'We will affect the vibrations.''Radio waves.'
Prana "Alien Pets"'The beginning of life'
'There is no final truth.'
Psy-Sex "L.S.Dance"'This is not a good town for Psychedelic Drugs'
'Castration, Double Castration'
'Here it comes'
'They gave me the LSD & they took me to the hotel, I don't know what they've done to me but I remember it was horrible. They gave you what? LSD, LSD, EEEEEELLLLL EEEEEESSSSS DDDDDDEEEEE'
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Psy-Sex "Survival Kit"'Are you the dominant life form?'
'How can I be of assistance to you?'
'Help survive..vive...vive....'
Psy-Sex on Mushroom "Dirty 80's"'What is this shit?'
Psychaos "Chaos to Order"'I bring chaos to order.'
Psychaos "Intellect"'Meddling intellect at the shapes and beauteous forms of things... My mind is a tangled knot I can no longer untie.'
'Are these the sounds of a distant constellation that have come to us acrossthe vastness of space?'
Psychaos "Perception of Reality"'There is nothing real outside our perception of reality.'
Psychaos "Psychaos"'... personally I think the more people who turn on, the better world it's gonna be'
'Psychedelic cultures emerged in acid.'
'Nobody wanna get hurt, nor we wanna hurt anybody'
Psychaos "Soundbeams"'Such an experience'
'Soundbeams produce a sympathetic vibration.'
Psycraft "Bizarre""Why are you fucking with our minds?!!"
The Beach
Psyko Disco "Nobody"'Nobody'
Purple Buddah "Remote"'We're having a party. You're more than welcome to stay.'
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