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Nada "Transparent Future"'We predict the future.'
'The best way to predict the future is to invent it.'
Neuromotor "Fuck the Dat Mafia"'We don't know anything about this man, send him back!'
Nerva System "Donovans Brain"'Oh man, this stuff is great,is just Donovan himself, appearing in my own tv, with words of peace, love, eternal consequences.'
Noma "Nothing was working"'Nothing was working.'
Oforia "Why not on Mars"'The sunrise, why not on mars?'
'The scientists are doubtful that anything is currently alive on Mars.'
'Former life below the martian surface.'
'Why not on mars? ...'
Olli and Avi "Nuclear Fission Chips"'It's amazing!'
Ominus "Acid Tester"'The drug taking has begun.'
'A dizzness has taken hold'
'Sounds become disengaged.'
Ominus "Hallucinogen Hyperdrive"'Hallucinogen hyperdrive.'
'...... no way.'
Ominus "Mindbender"'Smoke from the sacred pipe mixed with my breath will rise and spread troughout the universe.'
Ominus "Physical Encounter"'Liftoff.'
'I'm always surpised by physical encounters with people I have previously met virtually.'
Ominus "Toxic Brainwaves"'At the edge of our culture, people are starting to use drugs as information. You take peticular combination of chemicals to create a peticular response in your brain and nervous system.'
Ominus "Tribalistic"'You are either sane, or you are crazy.'
Ominus "We mean you no harm"'...for mankind this is chance to finally communicate with a no human entity.'
'We mean you no harm.'
'What the hell is going out here,'
Orion "Cynabs"'This direct contact from drug and receptor causes massive electrical activity.'
'There is increased electrical excitment of the 'go' area of the brain.'
Orion "Si-State"'My product is 51 times stronger than cocain, 51 times more hallucinogenic than acid, 51 times more explosive than ecstasy'
'You're gonna kiss the sun, and taste the motherfucking rainbow!'
51st State
Orion "The Source"'Yes. I have been monitoring the situation.'
'I am the source of your salvation.'
Из сериала Aeon Flux, серия 'The Purge'
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