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MFG "Born Into New Life"Tomorrow sunrise, you'll be born again. Into a new life.
Sean O'Connery, фильм First Knight
MFG "Desert Sun"'I want some more.'
Из фильма Interview with the vampire
MFG "Experience"'The outer limits'
'Indication of an alien civilization'
'You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind.'
Первая - из фильма Outer Limits, вторая - из The X-Files
MFG "Hypnotized"'It's real.'
'I mean it!'
MFG "Intelligent Machine"'Intelligent Machine'
'If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?'
Шекспир, 'Merchant of Venice'
MFG "Magnetic Activity"'I have a magnetic personality. Humour - I love it! Wheee!'
'A shadow sweeps across the earth. The shadow of our moon passes directly in front of the sun. Total eclipse.'
'Magnetic activity'
Из фильма 'Star Trek - Generations'
MFG "Overload"'Enter.'
'Access denied.'
'Access granted.'
MFG "Project Genesis"'Project Genesis. Genesis is life from lifelessness. Matter is reorganized with life generating results. Instead of a dead moon, a living breathing planet, capable of sustaining whatever lifeforms we see fit to deposit on it.'
Из фильма 'Star Trek - Wrath Of Khan'
MFG "Space Travel"'A signal that is transmitted intentionally to establish contact'
'It takes incredible amounts of energy to do space travel.'
MFG "To Eternity"'Now you'll have to excuse me, captain. I have an appointment with eternity, and I don't want to be late.'
Из фильма 'Star Trek - Generations'
MFG "We are the Machines"'Machines becoming more like people'
'People becoming more like machines'
Man With No Name "Own the World"'You can do what you are trying to do , you own the world. You know that, don't you?'
Man With No Name "Possessed"'I take possession of this planet on behalf of and for the benefit of all mankind.'
Man With No Name "Teleport"'Human teleportation, molecular decimation, breakdown, reformation, is inherently purging. It makes a man a king '
Из фильма The Fly
Man With No Name "Voices"'I've never felt anything like it, it was as though they were calling to me!'
Man With no Name "Moment of Truth"'I live for this moment here.'
Mandra Gora "Everything's Going Fine"'Everything's going fine, no trouble.'
Masaray "Time Traveller of Trance"'Going to that level of trance that's right for you today.'
Messiah "First Message"'I have powers that equal and surpass the powers of God.'
'You must find strength!'
Mindfield "Life is an Illusion"'Life is an illusion. Reality is simply a figment of the imagination.'
Mindfield "Odyssey of the Mind"'I welcome you all to the odyssey of the mind.'
Mindfield "Space"'I don't really come from outer space.'
Mind Manipulation "Wonderland"'Wonderland, where you now?'
'Is this weird, or am I hallucinating?'
'This is a most peculiar trip.'
'Mushrooms, poppies, sugar and spice. All those things are very nice. When combined the proper muxture makes a getting - small elixir. Hmm. I don't really like sweets...'
Из игры American McGee's Alice
Miraculis "Stop Them"''Ever since I was kidnapped by aliens 10 years ago... I've been dying for some payback!'
Miranda "Anxiety"'I don't think the human mind is ment to exist in... two different eh... whatever you call it, dimentions. It's too stressful, you said that yourself. It's very confusing, you don't know what's real and what's not...'
Miranda "Aquarium"'They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all.'
'I hope you like a little aquarium.'
Miranda "Evolution Quest"'There is still no such reality as something'
Miranda "Gnocchi"'There's nothing to be afraid of, virtual reality will rehabilitate your mind and eventually your body. You'll be alright I promise, just concentrate. Okay? Go try some music.'
'This is true spirituality'
Из фильма 'The Lawnmower Man 2'
Miranda "Green Man"'Intelligent life has visited earth before.'
'There's an irresponsible signal to the scientific community, that seems bent on proving the exsistence of little green men, and that's fine.'
Miranda "Groom Lake"'Jay Rider is a grey alien, about five foot four. His role was only as a translator, scientific translator, that was all. If we wanted to, put something in a place of what they had, he had to agree with it. I would have a question, eh... you know, and I would, bring it up in my mind, I just wondered how I would present it with him, and, he already know that I had this question, and he would already have the answer for me. And he if responded, it would be in my voice. And you wouldn't even open your lips. It is possible that he and aah... a few thousand others are working on a project, either here or elsewhere.'
Miranda "Phenomena"'Intelligent life beyond this planet.'
'A small group from S.E.T.I. search for extra terrestial intelligence used a radio dish at Arecibo to send out a message to whoever might be listening. They sent about a quarter of a kilobyte including structure of human DNA, a map of our solarsystem, population of the earth, helpful facts like that.'
Miranda "Real Rush"'Metallic LEM detected. Clear.'
'Let me tell you a secret - it was a real rush.'
Miranda "Second Step to the Stars"'More than 25 millennia ago, mankind began the first tentative steps to the stars. Equipped both with shocking and primitive technology and a burning desire for exploration and conquest, man slowly, blindly made his way to the nearest systems outside his own.'
Miranda "Steps to the stars"'Over 25 millenia ago, mankind began the first tentative steps to the stars.'
Miranda "Visitors"'It has been very difficult to talk about this. It's almost like... ah, every time I relate the story, it's a little easier, but when I first started talking about it it was like my mouth didn't even want to form the words, and the sound didn't even want to come out of my throat, ah, so I was.. eh, at that moment standing on the deck of the radar band, it was night time. And ah, I was looking up in the sky because there was saucers up there.'
Miranda "Weightless"'When I first got in to space, it was very strange feeling as if you was standing on your head. Because when you become weightless the fluids in your body raise to the upper part of your body and you have a feeling of a ... .'
Miranda "Wicked Dream"'Stay with me, it's a dream!'
Miranda "Year 2000"'Counting down the days till the year 2000'
Montauk P "Turn The Page"'My people were scattered throughout the universe. We survived. As long as there's a handful of you to keep the spirit alive, you will prevail. Even if it takes a millennium'
'I see... this is just another page in history, isn't it? Will this be the end of our civilization? Turn the page'
Из фильма Star Trek The Next Generation
Mungusid "Dead King"'Из открытого окна до короля доносился очень неприятный звук...'
'В избушке его ждали верные друзья!'
Бременские музыканты
Mungusid "Toaster"'Мои опыты по направлению электронной передачи сигналов вдоль волокна нервного ствола могут помочь нам создать...'
'Искусственное существо - это реальность, совершенное подобие человека!'
A.I. (dubbed)
Mungusid "White Rabbit"'Иди за белым кроликом!'
'Вы все живете в мире грез.'
'Примешь красную таблетку - войдешь в страну чудес...'
'Да, знаком. Это мескалин. От него - полный улет.'
The Matrix (dubbed)
Mystica "Ashes 2 Ashes""The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
Pulp Fiction
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