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Juno Reactor "Feel the Universe"'I feel the universe functioning perfectly.'
Из фильма Doors
Juno Reactor "God is God"'You shall see hail fall from a clear sky, you shall see darknes.... god is god.'
The 10 commandments
Juno Reactor "Guardian Angel"'Is there anything you want, anything at all'
'Come to me, I'll be your guardian angel'
Juno Reactor "High Energy Protons"'We will have wonderful trip.'
'Everything is going extremly well.'
'High energy protons spilling over into our atmosphere'
'Local Hero' & '2001 A Space Odyssey'
Juno Reactor "Luna-tic"'Hurling your bodies out into the void'
Из фильма Flash Gordon
Juno Reactor "Man To Ray"'He knows the moon, he knows the stars. He knows the milky way?'
'It sure looks beautiful. Gud, sometimes I wish I could stay up here'
The Right Stuff
Juno Reactor "Rotorblade"'Eh, daylight, so you might want to put, eh, your visors down'
'Some thoughts have a certain sound'
'Precise control'
Juno Reactor "The Landing"'So long as the universe had a beginning, we can suppose it had a creator. But if the universe was completely self-contained, possessing no boundary or edge, then it could neither be created nor destroyed. It would simply be'Dr. Stephen Hawkin
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