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Funkopath "Skwirm"'A psychedelic person is not willing to be a good citizen, or a good anything that is defined by somebody else. I mean, the shaman is a true anarchist'
'Wisdom... Consciouness expanding'
Future Prophecy "Indra Remix"'We live on the planet, evolving around the stars'
Future Sound Of London "1 in 8"'aaahhhhh... a howl.'
Из фильма Solarbabies
Future Sound Of London "Dirty Shadows"'Come fly the teeth of the wind, share my wings.'
Из фильма Exorcist 2 - The Heretic
Future Sound Of London "It`s My Mind That Works"'You know the way everybody`s into weirdness right now? It`s all part of cosmic consciousness.'
Из фильма Repo Man
Future Sound Of London "Moscow"'In my dreams... so beautiful.'
Из фильма Dune
Fuzzion "Dazed and confused"''George? Absoulutly Gorge? Are you kidding me man, he grew fields of that stuff, that's what i'm talking about man, fields, he grew that shit up, I'm burning man, I'm burning man, he grew it all over the country man, he had people growing it all over the country you know, and the whole country back then was getting high, let me tell you man, cause, cause, cause he knew, he was on to something man, he knew that it would be a good cashcroft to the southern states, so he grew fields of it man.'
'Lets go smoke a joint, man, on 50 fucking yard line ... '
'He's gotta be livin man , l-i-v-i-n''
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