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California Sunshine "Dejavu"'For the longest time I didn't want to believe it. And then I saw the fields with my own eyes, watched them liquify the dead, so they could be fed intraveniously to the living.
Do you believe?
Do you think that's air you're breathing?
I can only show you the door. You're the one who has to walk throught it."'Dejavu...What did you say?..Nothing just dejavu'
Из фильма The Matrix
Cass "Mephisto's Child"'Suddenly I saw myself like from above, and I heard this noise.'
'(...) I can feel!'
Castle Trancelott "China Zones"'Mine is the last voice that you will ever hear. Do not be alarmed.'
Ceiba "Rainbow Warrior"'Testing the bounds of reality.'
'Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.'
Вторая фраза - из фильма "Doors"
Celtic Cross "Hicksville"'Oh my God, are we ever in Hicksville?'
William S. Burroughs
Chakra & Avi "Insignificant Form Of Life"'When the insect came, it went almost unnoticed, because it hadn`t such a small and insignificant form of life.'
Из фильма "The Fly"
Chakra & Edi Mis "Liquid Troll"'I heard a sound inside my head. I felt the tripling liquid down the side of my neck!'
'There is hope for the future, and the world is ready for a new and better life.'
Chakra & Nada "Intensive Psychedelic Care"'Controlled hallucination.'
'You're all in need of intensive psychedelic care.'
Chakra "Brain in the Box"'Tell me your fantasy, tell me your secret, tell me your deepest, darkest, fear'
'Is that your brain on the box? This is my brain on the box. Does anybody here feel like a ...'
Chakra "Hallucinator"'I have a power to control your mind'
Chi AD "Astral Warrior"'I have seen things that you can only dream about. I have been there!'
'I see myself for what i truly am. ... the moments I've had, the marvels I've witnessed, the wonderful thruths I've seen.'
'The night falls, and you close your eyes to sleep and dream.'
Из фильма "Gullivers Travels"
Chi AD "Healing Magic"'This healing ritual called "the blessing way" has been passed down by our ancient Navajo ancestors. Its songs and prayers must be followed just as they have for centuries, or the Holy People will not be summoned. I watched my father perform the chants as a young boy and saw their healing magic.'
'If the struggle to continue is too hard or the wish to join his ancestors too strong, the body will give up.'
'But if the desire to resume life burns brightly enough, the Holy People will be merciful.'
Из серии The X-Files "The Blessing Way"
Chi AD "Sacred Vision"'Looking up, he sees a Raven. Raven stared intently at man.'
'When Raven returned, he had made the birds, fish and animals. But Raven was worried that man would destroy everything he had made inhabit to the earth. So he woke Bear to be feared by man and to protect the land.'
'Hear the gods sing! I listen to what they say.'
'(...) seen a great (...)'
'Are you willing to discover the nature of that spirit?'
'(...) die twice. Now sleep and be reborn!'
Из фильма 'On Deadly Ground'
Christof and DJ Mael "KLM"'Okay, so tell me again about the hash bar. Whatcha wanna know? Hash is legal there, right? Yeah it's legal but it ain't a hundred percent legal. You just can't walk into a restaurant, roll a joint and start puffin' away. They wannt that you smoke at home or certain designated place.'
'Everybody keep cool, this is a robbery!'
Из фильма Pulp Fiction
Climax Absolute "Papillon Acoustique"'I felt like a bulldozer, trying to catch a butterfly.'
Colorbox "Grey Spook (Eastside Mix)"'I like to think of space and time as analogous to the ocean and changes in it as analogous to waves on the surface of the ocean. but those waves of course don't show up when one's miles above the ocean. It looks like, as one gets down closer to the surface, one sees the waves breaking.'
Colorbox "Grey Spook (Westside Mix)"'Let's suppose that I have a wormhole with one mouth here and the other mouth over there. Now, there are three different possibilities for how time can be hooked up through the interior of that wormhole. The first is that when I stick my arm into this mouth, it came out over there simultaneously. The second possibility is that when I stick my arm into this mouth, it comes out over there only after some delay. The third possibility exists if I go into this wormhole-mouth, then I come out over there before I ever even go in.'
Cosmosis "Afterglow"'How far can they control my mind'
'But to know god, you must be god, and to be god you must let go of being who you thought you were.'
'And as the gods have given us, so we return the gift.'
'I can see it glowing just beyond the trees a kind of reddish colour.'
Cosmosis "Alien Disco"'Let's meet on the Otherworld - let's speak about the unspeakable'
Cosmosis "Cannabonoid"'How far can they control my mind'
Из пилотной серии Startrek "The Box"
Cosmosis "Gift of the Gods"'And as the gods have given us, so we return the gift.'
Cosmosis "Moonshine"'And the moon - the moon was shining on his head.'
'And we saw it melting with the snow'
Cosmosis "Morphic resonance"'We're through.'
Cosmosis "Outer Limits"'Stay clear of their tentacles, they'll seize anything within reach and hang on!!!'
Cosmosis "Sanyacid"'I can see it glowing just beyond the trees a kind of reddish colour....'
Cosmosis "Weird, Sick and Twisted"'I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, eeevil stuff.. and i want in!!'
Homer Simpson
Crop Circles "Lunar Civilization"'Personally, I'm convinced that there must be many, many higher civilizations in this enormous and incredibly ancient universe of ours.'
Arthur C. Clarke
Cyclics "Movement Within the 4th Dimension"'All I'm asking you to do now is to witness a demonstration of the possibility of movement within the fourth dimension.'
Cydonia "Freakshow"'Welcome to freakshow.'
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