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Banco De Gaia "Obsidian"'there's this pulsating white light, it's beautiful, colours, it's like a tunnel of colours, floating up through the tunnel of colours, they move and they flow into each other, sometimes they mix and sometimes they don't, they're flowing through each other and on top of each other, sometimes mixing and making the colours, beautiful colours'

The ounce of perfection
You worried away
After our reflections
Of yesterday, Yesterday, today.
Green ham and eggs,
With salt and butter, butter.
#2 - Jennifer Folker, Written by Toby Marks

B(if)tek "Quite a World"'It is really quite a world that you are showing me.'
'The human feelings and emotions are well transmitted.'
Liquid Sky
B(if)tek "They Oscillate"'They oscillate, they do not fly.'
Blue Planet Corp. "Blue Pill"'Take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you, how deep the rabbit-hole goes.'
'Welcome to the desert of the real.'
The Matrix
Brainman "Eisteins Life"'A connection between diffrent parts of the brain.'
Brainman "Fluoro Brain"'I'm your guide.'
'You will be able to hear the air, when it comes out'
Brainman "Two thousand years later"'Two thousand years later'
Brainman "U.R. The Alien"'You are the Alien.'
'Now through prayer. It is time to charge the spiritual battery.'
'You are the alien'
'Lots of robots in that area.'
Breach Of Space "Two Mad Men"'The issuances are so bad, so contrary to our standards of human behavior, that I couldn`t possibly recite them to you, here from this platform, in detail. But all during the dance, movies were shown on two screens at the opposite end of the gymnasium. These movies were the only lights in the gym proper. They gave the appearance of different colored liquids swirling across the screen, followed by shots of men and women on occasion. Shots were the men and women`s nude torsos, on occasion. And persons twisted and gyrated in provocative and sensual fashion. The smell of marijuana was prevalent all over the entire building. Sexual misconduct was blatant.'
'We have fires, and we play music. And we make big circles, like you do with the stones, we make big circles and we sing. And we put our souls in each other! Maybe that`s what you call Satan.'
"Berkeley In The Sixties"
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